Mini Tissue Pack Cover

So call me lazy, I prefer to call it efficient. I needed to find a way to make these adorable tissue pack covers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Preferably with one piece of fabric and minimal seams. In a previous post I showed you how to make these using three smaller pieces and four seams. You can see the post How to Make a Mini Tissue Pack Cover (Method 1) if you are interested in using up smaller scrap pieces of fabric.

You know how sometimes you are laying in bed thinking about all the things you need to do and all of sudden a solution to something else in the back of your mind suddenly pops into your interal viewing screen. That’s how this idea for making these tissue packs came to be.

Sew here you go!


1 piece of fabric cut 5-3/4″ by 12″20160828_142103


Finish the narrow ends of your fabric using a serger. You can also use your favorite edge finishing technique with your regular sewing machine. If you are making a bunch of these this would be a good opportunity to use a chain method of stitching.


Fold each narrow end in 2″ with wrong sides together and press.


Flip that piece over with right side of fabric facing up.


Fold each end toward the center with right sides together overlapping the folded edges about 1/2″ to 3/4″. Pin in place.

20160828_142507 20160828_142636 20160828_142703

Stitch the narrow ends of the folded rectangle using a serger or regular sewing machine. I prefer the serger for the finished edges.


Trim your threads and turn the cover right side out.

Press only the stitched ends unless you want to press the whole thing.


Insert your tissue pack and deliver to your friends or family.

Mini Tissue Pack Cover

You can also embellish these with your favorite little doodads. You could even embroider on them for a more personalized approach.  If you do embroider on them I would do that prior to folding and stitching the ends while the project is still flat. Again this is still a great way to create fun little gifts for your groups of friends and family and use up your fabric stash.  Even if you don’t have scraps of this size you can still use smaller scraps using my Method 1 posted previously.

Hope you enjoyed this quick and simple little tutorial. Please feel free to share and comment. I would love to hear any feedback you have for any of my posts.

Now go make something awesome today!