Alterations covers a wide range of clothing and other items including formal wear. Alteration includes shortening, lengthening, taking in, letting out and more. Nelson Sewing has literally performed hundreds of kinds of alterations and would likely be able to handle your alteration.  Fees for alteration services varies depending on the item and range from a minimum of $5 and up. Most run between $10 to $25.

It happens all the time. We have a garment or item that is in perfectly good shape with the exception of some small problem. At Nelson Sewing repairs can be made on everything from zippers, holes, and missing buttons to stitching seams, patching jeans, and replacing zippers.  There have been some normal and pretty odd and wierd things repaired but where there’s a will there’s a way. Fees also vary depending on the repair which also depends on the amount of time and effort needed for the repair. Minimum fee is always $5 and most run between $10 to $20 but there have been some that have had to have higher fees.

Mending tends to be included under repairs.  In general, however, mending is defined as garments that must be repaired. I usually count those tiny little holes, an opened seam that needs restitched, a pant hem that came loose, buttons to be replaced and other little minor repairs. Fees for mending are a minimum of $5 and often remain around that amount.  If the mending is to cost more than $5 it is usually considered a repair.

Custom Sewing
Custom sewing is offered at Nelson Sewing & Crafts.  However, there is a catch.  It works much better if, you the customer, provide the pattern and the fabric.  In the case of clothing you must provide a commercial pattern and the fabric.  This is both cost effective and less time consuming.

We do offer some custom sewing for home decor and it is limited by available working space. We can make home decor items such as curtains, throw pillows, valances, table runners, table cloths, pillow cases, baby bedding, seat cushions, chair covers, craft items and other kinds of sewing projects. However, you will have to provide the fabric, measurements, and possibly a photo of the style or item you would like to have constructed.

What Nelson Sewing & Crafts Does Not Do:
Very rarely will we turn down a sewing project, but in the interest of space, time, cost effectiveness and sometimes just plain weirdness there is occasion to turn projects away. Nelson Sewing & Crafts does not do upholstery of large furniture items.  We do not nor will we ever repair undergarments (yes I have had customers try that).  We also do not do marine upholstery or replace or repair zippers in Jeep tops, or pop up campers (that boils down to a space issue). We have however worked on ice fishing shacks and hunting blinds.

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