A Brand New Look

I have been sewing for a really long (34 years)Celebrating time but as an official business Nelson Sewing & Crafts is celebrating its TENTH anniversary this summer (2016). In celebration I have given our website a makeover. It now has a more modern theme and cleaner layout. I have gone through all my old posts and decided that they need updated and clarified. I’ve learned a lot since posting those and although the information is still good I am going to clean up the writing and images a bit so they remain “evergreen” rather than tied to dates and times of the year.

I also want to let you know that this site also carries ads and affiliate links. When you click on them and make a purchase I do get a share of the sale at no extra cost to you. I want to thank you in advance for your support if you do purchase through one of my links.  I try to make my links relevant to the topic or topics at hand. In addition, the companies and products I link to are either near and dear to me and reliable or I have researched them and found them to be legitimate.

One of the things I can’t stand when visiting a site similar to mine is a bunch of pop up ads slowing down the works.  I do not plan on subjecting you to those so if something like that shows up on this site please let me know because I can assure you that is not what I want for this site. My ads will be stationary and unobtrusive for reading content. Links and ads will all also be opened in a new tab when you click on them so you don’t lose your place here at Nelson Sewing & Crafts.

What’s Going to Be New?

There a few new items I will be adding to the site this year:

  • Handmade Products to Purchase
  • Downloadable Patterns and Tutorials
  • Sewing Studio Tour
  • Silhouette Studio Fun
  • Arts & Crafts for Kids
  • Upcycle, Recycle, and DIY
  • Sewing Home Decor
  • Online Video Sewing Classes

Anniversary Contests, Prizes and Giveaways

To make things more fun and interesting I am going to offer prizes and giveaways through out the year. Some prizes will be downloadable and some will be mailed. However, if you want one of the nelson sewing logoprizes you will have to participate in one or more of my Social Media outlets. If you want to get a head start, my social media buttons are at the top of the right hand column of this website. To get updates on recent posts, products, offers, and events please sign up to my email list.  I promise I won’t send you an annoying email every hour of every day . . . once a week is more manageable. You can sign up below or in the right hand column of this website below the search bar.

So here is our first contest give away:

Sign up to get email updates from Nelson Sewing & Crafts and get your name entered in a drawing for one of ten free customized magnetic needle cases from Nelson Sewing & Crafts. The drawing will take place July 1, 2016 so enter soon. Then stay tuned for more opportunities to other prizes and giveaways each week for the next ten weeks. Each drawing or contest you enter will also put you in the drawing for the big grand prize to be drawn on September 2, 2016!

When your name is drawn for a prize that has to be mailed I will email you directly to get your mailing information. Share with your friends and join in the fun!

Let’s Celebrate Together,